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Top 5 gluten free complex carbohydrate sources as rated by me

Top 5 gluten free complex carbohydrate sources as rated by me


These are simply ranked in the order which I like them most. I consider them fairly interchangeable as far as quality goes, although there of course are differences when it comes to specific nutritional content. But we’re talking big picture at the moment….

Top 5 gluten free complex carbohydrate sources

  1. Sweet Potato-love these. Awesome all carmelized and naturally sweet when baked, can be sliced and baked as fries, mashed-just all-around high nutrition value goodness. Sweetness and fiber all wrapped up in a yummy peel. There’s nothing wrong with other potatoes, I just like the sweets. And remember, this list is in MY order of preference only.
  2. Gluten free oatmeal-this is a staple for breakfast almost every morning. Oatmeal, blueberries, and egg whites with spinach. (not mixed together, although that would probably be good too. I get the Cream Hill Estates kind. No cross contamination. I also use it to make breads and muffins. (recipes will come another day.)
  3. Rice. I like brown, but they’re all good, depends on what you’re looking for, brown tends to be a bit higher in fiber. It’s chewy, kind of nutty, great texture, very versatile. You can make it savory by cooking it with some gluten free chicken broth and herbs, add some crumbled feta cheese, chopped chicken breast and some sundried tomatoes-voila-dinner! Or make it sweet, cook with water, add some stevia or Splenda and cinnamon, and rice pudding-esque treat is ready!
  4. Quinoa. Weird spelling and weirder pronunciation “keen-wa” but tastes pretty good. We’re not going into nutritional specifics here, but this one is unique in that it contains a decent amount of protein. Also packs some good fiber. Has a cute little tail which gives it extra bonus points in my opinion.
  5. Beans. Can’t leave out the musical fruit. I especially am a fan of garbanzos in my salads, and black beans with chicken, or a white bean dip that is great for veggies, or red beans in a chili, or ….OK-you get the idea. Versatile, cheap, and packed with carbs, fiber and protein.


  • Gluten free pasta
  • Gluten free breads
  • Gluten free mac and cheese, or really anything that has more than 1 ingredient.

Minimum ingredients

Here’s the idea-try to keep all food choices to a minimum of ingredients. Chicken-1 ingredient. Broccoli-yup, 1 ingredient. Umm..gluten free pasta? Too many ingredients to list.

For the most part, keeping food choices to the minimally processed is never a bad thing.

Take a look the next time you go to the grocery, and try to keep to 1 or a few ingredient foods. The let me know how you did!

6 comments on “Top 5 gluten free complex carbohydrate sources as rated by me

  1. Hey MJ!
    That sounds really good! You may want to consider adding a protein source as well-the almond butter is great for healthy fats, but doesn’t contain too much protein.

  2. I had half of a leftover sweet potato one morning and decided to slice it and fry it in a bit of coconut oil. When it was a bit crispy I poured 2 beaten free range eggs over it and cooked it all together. On my. It was really good! Now I plan for a breakfast like that once a week or so. 😉
    Love your site!

  3. MJ and Erin, try out hemp seed as a protein source. Higher protein content then any meat source, more digestible, plus contains potassium, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as iron 🙂

    And thank you for this post! I felt really really drawn to Quinoa, and now I know why. Complex carb + Protein! And it’s even better if you get organic quinoa, soak it for a few hours, then sprout it. Boosts it’s nutritional profile even more, and it’s edible in its sprouted state!

    And thanks for the heads up on oatmeal. I’ve also felt like getting some really good organic oatmeal for complex carbs.

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