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The IPhone Food Scanner App

The IPhone Food Scanner App

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I heard about this new Iphone App (and I don’t even have an Iphone-I am technically challenged) and my first thought was-wow, this is pretty cool.

According to the Daily Burn site:

The FoodScanner allows you to use your iPhone’s camera to scan UPC barcodes on the foods you eat. FoodScanner is the absolute quickest and easiest way to find foods and track how many calories you eat throughout the day. Backed by DailyBurn’s growing nutrition database of 200K foods and powered by Occipital RedLaser technology, FoodScanner is THE KILLER APP for tracking your caloric intake.

You can then track your intake on the Daily Burn site-I’m assuming it can upload from your Iphone. Pretty cool, right?

Well…I started thinking…

Honestly, do we really want the food we eat to have a UPC code? Last time I checked, an apple didn’t have a barcode.

Steak? Nope. Rice? Maybe, depends on how you purchase it. Potato? Not likely. I think you see my point, yes?

A very small percentage of the food I eat on a regular basis actually has a UPC code. There are a few, like my cottage cheese, and maybe some string cheese or yogurt. Maybe some frozen fruits and veggies. But by and large, nope. And if you focus your diet on mostly whole and natural foods, that will be the case.

I have been using Fitday PC to track my caloric intake for years now. It’s very user friendly it’s easy to re-enter things you eat on a regular basis using their history feature. For now, I will continue to use that.

Now if they start putting UPC codes on things like chicken and meats, fresh fruits and veggies, etc-then, maybe then, I will have to break down and buy an Iphone.

One comment on “The IPhone Food Scanner App

  1. It sounds like a great app. And don’t forget, things like rice, potatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables, and non-processed meats are all naturally gluten-free, so you wouldn’t need them on the database. LOL

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