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4 mistakes people make when going gluten-free

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4 mistakes people make when going gluten-free

Gluten-free foods have become commonplace in grocery stores, restaurants and cookbooks. For those who suffer from celiac disease, this is a huge win, because there are now so many options. And for those who feel extraordinary benefits from decreasing gluten because of non-celiac gluten sensitivity, inflammation or their own personal nutrition journey, living a gluten-free life is quite doable.

On the flip side, gluten-free living has become quite the trend. People are unnecessarily cutting out a lot of foods from their diet, spending a lot of money on other foods, living in extreme ways and potentially causing more harm than good. When deciding to follow a gluten-free diet, it is important to ask, “Why am I doing this?” and “What is the best way for me to live gluten-free based on my needs?”

Let’s discuss some of the common mistakes made by many who are eating gluten-free and assist in understanding why one would make this choice.

Mistake #1: Assuming a gluten-free diet is a healthier diet

Many folks go on a gluten-free diet because they think it’s healthier. They happily buy all the gluten-free products in the markets, thinking they are a healthier choice solely because they’re gluten-free. They’re thrilled with all the gluten-free cookies, cakes, treats, and sweets out there because they are shopping with one rule: “Buy gluten-free.”

Avoiding gluten is not necessarily a guarantee of improved health! Gluten is what makes food have great texture, bounce and fluffiness. Have you tasted some of the gluten-free breads out there? Not so fluffy. When food manufacturers remove the gluten, they usually have to add a lot of ingredients and fillers — all gluten-free, mind you — to make the food tasty.

If you think eating gluten-free is going to help you reach your health goals, go for it. But you’re going to have to add some other rules when grocery shopping. A gluten-free cookie is still a cookie, and if it’s filled with dozens of processed ingredients to improve texture, it might be unhealthier than a “normal” cookie. Take some time to decide what other rules you want to add to your plan so it will help you reach your goals. Also, take time to read the ingredients of all foods you buy. Are they in line with what you want to put in your body?

Mistake #2: Not paying attention to how your body feels

Many join the gluten-free world because of inflammation and energy issues. In health and wellness circles, gluten-free diets are often recommended for these reasons. People start eating gluten-free hoping it will fix their ailments, but they’re not considering the bigger picture. Often, there are a multitude of things involved with inflammation, and it requires some mindfulness and awareness to get wise to the true symptoms and triggers.

Often, people will go on a gluten-free diet and feel some relief, but is it because of the gluten or is it because they are suddenly not eating cookies every night? Or is it because they also started avoiding some other ingredients?

Are you truly feeling better? You may convince yourself that the gluten-free diet is making you feel better, but in fact you still have the symptoms of inflammation. Take some time to examine how your body feels. When you notice you are having symptoms — whether it be headaches, digestive issues, joint pain, a skin rash or inflammation — start monitoring when you have those symptoms and the degree of severity. If you pay attention, you can feel confident that the effort you are putting into improving your health is working.

Mistake #3: Conflating a gluten-free diet with a low-carb diet

Many people go gluten-free and are convinced it’s the best plan for them because they lose weight, gain energy and feel better. Was eliminating gluten truly the catalyst to improved health? Or was it cutting out a lot of sources of processed wheat, such as cookies, bread, crackers, cereal, pastries and more? A gluten-free diet and a low-carb diet are two very different things. I encourage you to understand why you are doing what you are doing and make decisions based on that. If you are trying to lose weight, going gluten-free may not be necessary, but avoiding processed carbohydrates and sweets as well as increasing your vegetables, proteins and plant fats may be the best choice. If you are going gluten-free simply to give yourself motivation to avoid all bread and cookies and crackers, that’s fine . . . as long as you don’t fall into Mistake #1, where you start buying gluten-free breads and cookies that may be calorically and nutritionally worse than the gluten-rich product. If you want to follow a low-carb diet, you do not have to go gluten-free. Again, ask yourself: Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Mistake #4: Confusing clean eating with gluten-free eating

I am a fan of clean eating. Many blame gluten for their inflammation issues. Yes, gluten could be the culprit, but it might be all the other processed ingredients. Some of you are cutting out gluten and not seeing results. If you focused on clean eating and decreasing all the added ingredients that are found in processed food, you might get the results you want.

It’s easy to jump on the latest fad. Instead, create a plan that makes you feel good. Read ingredients, pay attention to your body and be sure you are eating in line with your goals.

Berman is a registered dietitian, a personal trainer and owner of Jae Berman Nutrition.



Fitness Trends for 2018

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Fitness Trends

Are you ready for 2018?

As we make plans and prepare to set up our fitness goals for 2018, one should be thoughtful, as well as, prepared to try some new or upcoming fitness trends for 2018.  It will not be wise to remain in the previous trend while others are advancing in the fitness world nevertheless consulting your doctor before embarking on any fitness routine will really in a long way make some positive changes in you. However, the world is improving and advancing technologically, intellectually and otherwise, it is easily expected that it would indeed embrace more of its digital or technological aspect and this would in a significant way affect the world of fitness and exercise.

In a bid to motivating ourselves to stay healthy keeping up with the latest  trends of fitness is a great way of plunging into the wellness trend but that shouldn’t stop us from consulting our nutritionist and doctor though  many of our fitness instructors may see exercise as the only solution to whatever ailment we may be having to take for example the celiac disease which could just be resolved by a lifelong adherence to a strict gluten-free diet that is avoiding food like barley, wheat and rye. Let us now go through some of these few upcoming trends:


Streaming Fitness Classes

Though this is not a new trend but however, there will be an increase in this since people are protective of their time and would want to be more efficient in their offices or place of work, so rather than just put their job at risk they had to create some other leisure times be it early in the morning before work or later in the evening after work. The live streaming exercise would really in a significant way expose the world of fitness to even those who had no interest in it. This is different from the usual scripted workout videos, in this you will get to see a real human doing the same exercise with you, the most exciting thing is that you are not sweating alone you will get to see your instructor sweating with you this is because it is a live-streaming class.


Wearable digital devices

There is this urge that grows in us to know how far we have gone in a given task or been able to keep check of our activities; however, since the advent of technology in the fitness world, one can monitor his or her fitness activities by merely wearing these devices.  These devices include and not limited to activity trackers, smart eyeglasses, heart rate monitors and smart watches. So many would love to keep track of their health activities using these devices, and it could help detect a decrease in fitness routine as well as an increase in it. Since some individuals lack funds and time to go to the gym, they could directly get this device which could provide a wide range of trainer profiles based on your intensity level. This device is not limited to just the body statistics only, but it also covers one’s nutritional balance, which could help to track food intake and the degrees of calories used.


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Family Fitness Classes

There would be an increase in the popularity of family in fitness classes because people most especially women are already keying into the idea of taking their family along in fitness classes and are surprised how the combination for the family’s work. Several exercises would be modified in other to give the parents and children a superb and challenging fitness experience. It is well known that working out is an essential element of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. But have you any idea taking part in day-to-day fitness activities with your family offers several benefits also?  Many forces can stimulate childhood obesity, from a sedentary way of life to food marketing and misinformation. Therefore, it seems only natural to get your kids moving from a young age. By allowing your kids to unite with physical activity with ideas of togetherness, unity, and fun, it is possible to guide them toward furthering those ideals with age. Furthermore positive, a long-lasting behavior is not limited to young people. You possibly can make long-term changes in your lifestyle as well as philosophies, Taking the phase to gaining physically productive with your family could possibly be the starting point of a lifelong total satisfaction of fitness for you as well as other adult members of your household Frankly speaking, you spend a long time with your family as compared with, with anyone else. Therefore, when the people you put in the most of your days with are all enthusiastic about physical fitness, the probability that an exercise routine will be recommended is a little more expected. One’s son may comment that it’s a great day and you should all take a walk, or your daughter may propose a game of “around the house,” Before you realize it, you’re having a good time and getting exercise without really knowing.

Test of DNA for High Performance

I know many may be surprised about this, yes DNA test, this will be so common in 2018 in the world of fitness.  New research suggests that bodybuilders and athletes applying DNA-matched exercise enhanced their overall performance virtually five times over those on mismatched programs.  Genetic medical tests can help you determine fitness routines that best matches your body type. This process will assist you to be confident that the energy spent performing exercises is optimally circulated. You can also observe an enhancement in a state of mind as well as concentrating on customized DNA training routines. Not just that, DNA assessments likewise know if you happen to be at risk for health issues. Since the future hereditary dangers for getting hurt is now discovered, workouts elements like period of training and the amount of rest may be correctly replaced to reduce the total risk of getting injured. A DNA assessment for physical fitness will help in analyzing your athletic fitness abilities, which can be used to form an efficient workout routine, regardless of whether you intend to enroll yourself into challenging sports activity, involve in an excellent shape tweak or perhaps you desire to lose body weight.

The technological innovation utilizes computer algorithms to understand the ways to best train the body system determined by an individual’s genetics. A panel of gene variations gauges an athlete’s likelihood of growth and development of power or endurance qualities, dependent on existing systematic literature.  The outcomes are employed to show the user whether or not he would react preferably to high or low degree resistance training as well as how responsive he is to carbohydrates, alcohol, salt and saturated fats.


In conclusion, we can only but anticipate what 2018 holds for us in the world of fitness and exercise, however, we should not in any way remain glued to a specific activity or fitness, instead, we should be open to experience new stuff in the world of fitness. Explore… Try…. Sweat… Enjoy!