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Sparkly Soul Headbands: Truly Non Slip Headbands, and pretty too!


I have a teeny little peanut head.

Up until now, this has meant that no headband, even “non slip” ones, fit me properly.

Then my FitFluential friends introduced me to Sparkly Soul.  The heavens opened up, and angels started singing.  Well, almost.

Sparkly Soul is so awesome, that for the month of February they’re offering a 15% discount if you use “FITFLUENTIAL” coupon code at checkout.  They are even more awesome in that they are going to give away 2 headbands (one wide, one thin) to one lucky GFF reader.

The winner will be chosen at random from comments left here after this post.  Funny stories about headbands will get you an additional entry.  Entries will be closed midnight on 2/10/12, that way if you didn’t win you still have plenty of time to use your coupon code to go buy some.

Many of my FitFluential friends have also posted reviews and giveaways, so check them out as well!

Good luck, leave a comment below to enter in the random drawing for 2 Sparkly Soul headbands, and Sparkle It Up!!

Also, if you’re actually here about gluten free stuff and NOT the headbands, check out Gluten Free and Fit 101.  That’s where you want to start.  Sometimes I get distracted by sparkly things 😉




22 comments on “Sparkly Soul Headbands: Truly Non Slip Headbands, and pretty too!

  1. I have wasted a lot of money on “non-slip” headbands and have yet to find one that doesn’t slip off my head half way through my run or workout. I would love to win a pair of these Sparkly Soul headbands!

  2. I have tried every brand of headbands with no success! I’m convinced I have a one-of-a-kind head shape, lol! I have never understood how other women at the gym can sport headbands and they stay put!! I now have a “headband drawer”, every time I see a “new and improved” one on the market I pick it up, try it out, it fails me and in the drawer it goes. Looking forward to ordering these! I appreciate your gluten free & fitness guidance!

  3. My 2 daughters actually have imprints on the side of their heads that are like swivels for all the headbands we have tried. They swivel from the front of their head to the back of their head and that is about all they do. Forget about keeping the hair out of their beautiful eyes so maybe they could see he board in school. Better ye so I can see their eyes and know what they are up to. 😉

  4. I have a great big giant head, which also means that none of the no-slip headbands stay put on my head. Somehow, I have not been deterred from trying. I have quite a collection of headbands, most of which I have purchased in the altered state of mind known as Taper-Madness- mostly at marathon expo shows. Yes, it’s been scientifically proven that one of the symptoms of Taper Madness is a rampant desire to give away one’s money at marathon expos. When I get home I find them flying off the back of my head, just like all the others.

    So really, yes, I do believe you that they fit small heads. I’m not in a taper for a race right now, so forgive me if I don’t believe that they might work for enormo-heads. Ask me again when I’m in a taper.

  5. I really have been wanting to try these, and the black and silver ones would go perfectly with most of my workout gear and wardrobe! They are so cute!

  6. monica reed-tremmel

    Bling makes me tingle! Can’t wait to order one for myself and some friends who are equally bling addicted and will appreciate that these are as functional as they are pretty 🙂

  7. I recently did a blog post about things I wanted, and a headband from sparklysoul was one of these things. Now I see these great reviews all over the blogging community and I really need a little sparkle. NOW! ;).

  8. Bernadette Chan

    There was the time my headband slipped off while running in the park; I didn’t notice for a few miles then ran all the way back retracing my steps. I saw it on the ground and saw a hulking man about to stomp on it (it was probably stomped on numerous times before I reached it), but at that moment I let out a blood curling scream. Everyone looked at me and the man, who was completely startled, and was and falling and tripping over his own feet. With all eyes on me I scooped up my headband, at that moment realizing that I had just attracted all of the runners on the path, and mortified, I ran away! Never wore that thing again!

  9. Love this idea!! I swear my head is shaped like a football, head bands NEVER stay! I hate when they just drift off and you dont know it and you like completely silly just having a head band hanging at the back of your poney tail!!
    Hope I win, im all over the black and pink 🙂

  10. Funny headband story…hmmm. Ou got one! More embarrassing than funny though. I was on a run and it was a nice day out so everyone was out jogging and suddenly I saw a headband on the ground and it was te exact one I was wearing. Thinking mine had fallen off, I grabbed the headband and kept running. Little did I know…it wasnt mine. My story concludes with me being followed by an angry woman accusing me of stealing her headband. Yikes on my part!

  11. I’ve tried every headband in the book for my noggin. My head just seems like it’s too big. I had to resort to plastic U shaped head bands with the prongs in (very uncomfortable) because it actually stays on my head with out slipping and sliding off. Unfortunately, the stupid plastic head bands render useless after awhile because they break too easily and I can never wear my headphones with them. I’m always doing that headphone dance because of my headband: put the right one in and the left one falls out, put the left one in and the right one falls out…feels like the Hokey Pokey. Eventually I give up and am forced to make a decision to either ditch the headphones or the head band. If I were to win the Fitfluential non-slip headbands, my headphone-less days of running would be over.

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