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Good that you recognized that, I know overreaching has been an issue for you. After taking some time at maintenance then you can experiment a bit. I never dropped below about 80-100 grams per day even in contest prep. (Not counting green veggies-this was fruit and complex carbs. I did do a few short in duration (20 min) metabolic cardio sessions per week. You may want to try keeping in 100 grams of complex carbs and keeping your cardio lower intensity and see what happens next dieting phase.

By: Erin Tue, 11 May 2010 22:31:12 +0000 Hi Matt!
Thanks for speaking up!
You’re absolutely correct-everyone has to find what works for them. The best diet is truly the one you can be compliant with-and it sounds as if you’ve found what works for you. Way to go on your progress toward your goal!

By: Smiffy Tue, 11 May 2010 22:05:36 +0000 Having underlying health issues, anything more fast/extreme is out of the question for me as, when I’m hungry, I’m hypoglycaemic and can’t do anything, especially work. (One thing I can – and do – when like that is to eat things I shouldn’t.)

For me, slow works. I’m on a high protein (plus fat,) low to very low carbohydrate diet all the time. No compliance issues because I’m actually eating what I like. Having lost 14kg in about 15 months, I’m quite happy with rate of fat loss.

The great thing about the current process is that, even if I go off the rails for a week or more, the mass stays the same. Sometimes it might creep up a tiny bit after being static for a while, but as I’m gaining lean mass, there’s probably still fat loss going on, even if minimal.

Now comfortably over half way to my target, I’m happy and my doctor is positively ecstatic – so will stick to what works for me. (Hope to be close to target by the end of the year.)