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How to get your husband to eat more veggies


How to get your husband to eat more veggies

I have waxed philosophic about how awesome my husband is on multiple occasions.

He is truly an incredible individual and the perfect partner for me.  Now, neither of us are perfect, but we are perfect partners.

Having said that, he does not eat nearly enough vegetables.  Recently, a colleague of his was telling him that he started juicing.  He offered Jeff a glass of juice, which he actually drank.  When I heard about this, I jumped on it.

“You mean you’ll actually drink that?!?!”  Never in a million years had I thought he would consider drinking a green smoothie or juice.  Bingo, I thought.  I can fit a whole day’s worth of veggies in a smoothie.  Plus, I’d been itching for an excuse to buy a Blendtec for a year.

I had been looking over the high powered blenders, the Vitamixes, the Blendtec, OmniBlend etc, and had decided a while back that I wanted a Blendtec.  (Lexie’s Kitchen has posted a great overview and comparison, if you need a place to start.)  The online shopping fest began, and I was actually very fortunate to find a new one for a very reasonable price on ebay.

Can you see all the nutrients in there?

We’re doing a green smoothie every weekday now.  Sometimes on weekends, but not nearly as consistently.  I’ve also used the Blendtec to make cookie, muffin, and quick bread batters, protein shakes, all kinds of stuff.  It really is versatile and super easy to clean.  I’m happy with the purchase for sure.  More happy, though, that I am finally able to get the nutrition from veggies into my husband on a regular basis.  I like him and I’d like to keep him around for a while 😉

I could have tried to make the smoothie look all nice, in a glass, with a garnish or something but let’s be honest.  You’re not here for the food photography.  This is how we roll in the GFF household.  BlenderBottle for the win. Those things are genius.

Check out the green smoothie recipe here.

All in all, I’m really happy with the Blendtec.  It fits well under my cabinets on the countertop, is super easy to clean, is no louder than my cheap blender was, and gets my husband to ingest vegetable matter.  Truly a win.

If you’d like some more gluten free stuff, go check out Gluten Free and Fit 101.  Lots of info there to read while you sip on your smoothie.

6 comments on “How to get your husband to eat more veggies

  1. AmandaonMaui

    I have a Blendtec as well, but I really need to experiment with it more. I usually use it for smoothies, but I also have used it to grind oats and quinoa for flour when I’ve been out, and to grind flaxseed as it is cheaper in its whole form.

    • Thanks for stopping by Melaina! Prior to this, he only would eat romaine lettuce, green beans, and broccoli. They had to be eaten by themselves, prior to the rest of his meal, so he could “enjoy my food.” The smoothies have been truly awesome. And so is the Blendtec!

  2. So far I have only gotten my husband to drink two green smoothies. I haven’t given up yet though. He drinks a V-8 each day, which is full of sodium, but he is not one to get much salt elsewhere so I don’t fet about it. Still … if he can drink V-8, there’s hope he’ll one day drink green smoothies with me! 😉 Congrats on your new Blendtec, Erin! I see lots of experimenting in the future. 🙂


    • Shirley,
      Personally, I think V8 is kind of nasty and the green smoothie would taste much better! Perhaps you can start with a cocktail green smoothie and move your way into a “virgin” version…I tend to think the only reason people drink V8 at all is because of Bloody Mary’s! But, I am biased against tomato juice in general, which is odd because I love tomatoes in all their other iterations.

      Anyway….good luck! Maybe a margarita green smoothie with lots of lime. The spinach will blend right in 😉

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