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Gluten Free Sports Supplements Update: BSN and Gaspari Nutrition

Gluten Free Sports Supplements Update: BSN and Gaspari Nutrition


Sometimes deciphering whether a supplement contains gluten can be a daunting task. I have been emailing different companies in an attempt to compile a list of gluten free supplements, and have found that some companies certainly appear more aware than others. The list will be a work in progress, and will be constantly changing as product lines are modified and change. So I give you this information with a VERY strong encouragement to check labels yourself as well.
Having said that, here’s some information, some more helpful than others.



Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, Inc.

After contacting the company BSN (Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, Inc.) and requesting a list of gluten free products, this was the email response I received:
“Our labels are continually being updated due to formula or ingredient alterations. Please continue to check the labels for the latest information. BSN products may or may not indirectly contain gluten due to the possibility of cross contact with manufacturing equipment.”

Given that-I will not be risking it. I have not used their products in the past. I see now that they have also updated the label on the Lean Dessert Protein powder (which I’m bummed about because I heard it tasted really good) that the glutamine peptides it contains are sourced from wheat. Bigtime bummer. Thank you to BSN for being forthright however, and revealing that their products may not be safe. If you are interested in their other products, definitely check labels. You can check into BSN here.

Gaspari Nutrition
Gaspari Sports Nutrition Supplements

Gaspari Sports Nutrition Supplements

I also contacted Gaspari Nutrition. In response to my email requesting a gluten free product list, I got an excellent response! Patrick the customer service manager replied:

All products besides Sizeon Powder and Realmass are 100% gluten free.

Whoohoo! I have tried Gaspari’s Myofusion Protein powder which I liked quite a bit. It’s a thicker consistency when mixed, and sometimes I like to mix protein powder with a small amount of water and pretend it’s pudding. (I told you I have a sweet tooth that won’t quit.) This protein powder works very well for that.

Also, I’ve used the preworkout supplement SuperPump 250. SuperPump has some caffeine and stimulants, as well as creatine monohydrate, a few adaptogen herbs and some B vitamins, and some other “pump” inducing ingredients. I liked it and had no problems stomach wise. I also can handle a lot of caffeine, so your mileage may vary. I was please with Gaspari’s quick response to my email and customer service. I plan on trying more of their products in the future, and will keep you posted. You can check out more about Gaspari here.

Have you tried any of these products? What sports supplements do you like or would like me to check into? Let me know! Post your comments below! (Wow-that was a weak rhyme 😉

7 comments on “Gluten Free Sports Supplements Update: BSN and Gaspari Nutrition

  1. I had a horrible time when I emailed BSN about their CellMass product to see if it contained gluten. They goofed around for about a month sending me a few replies that they were working on my inquiry, then sent me the “Items may or may not contain gluten” email. I was disgusted, and will not use anything of theirs ever. I have used and had great success with ALR Industries suppliments, and have never had a reaction to anything even with the number of digestive issues I have on top of Celiac.

    • Hi Kelly!
      Thanks for sharing that. I was disappointed for sure in their response. I really believe that the sports supplement industry is missing a big chunk of potential customers by not making it easier to find gluten free products. Hopefully this will help with awareness. And thanks for the heads up on ALRI-I will definitely be contacting them!

  2. I really like your blog about supplements 🙂 This is my second visit to your site and I think I might just have to subscribe, thanks for posting about gluten free . Peace.

  3. Hi Ankit,
    Thanks for coming by!
    I do not know what would be available to you in India, quite honestly. Take a look at the brands that are mentioned in the protein powder review posts, and see if any of those are available. If not, contact the manufacturers of the brands you can purchase to inquire about the gluten free status of their products. That’s always the best way to go, to be certain and most safe. Protein powder isn’t necessary, but it is a convenience. If you can’t find a safe brand you can always have some “real food” protein (meat/poultry/dairy/eggs) instead.
    Be well!

  4. I used ALR Industries, but the WTF bothered my stomach. Isn’t there any workout products that dont use artificial sweetner that is sugar free… no stevia products? 🙁

  5. Hi Darcy,
    The use of stevia is becoming slightly more common, but is still pretty rare. I’ve occasionally seen a protein powder that uses stevia, and Ultima electrolyte replacement (which I use and love) but no preworkout blends that I am aware of.

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