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Gluten Free for the Holidays

Gluten Free for the Holidays


Gluten Free for the Holidays, and we conjugate our own verbs around here – Glutened

How is it almost Thanksgiving?!?  Really?!

I am the chief cook and bottle washer for Thanksgiving, so fortunately I have the POWER!!

(If you are approximately my age, you will get the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe reference.  If not, enjoy the kitteh at least.)

There is a metric ton of great information being shared out there in the gluten free world about staying safe this holiday season, and making some kick ass recipes while you’re at it.

So here’s a quick and dirty low down on some of the info.

There is definitely more out there that I am not hitting, so be sure to click the links at each of these resources for some more great stuff.


You’ll get them at Home for the Holidays, Gluten Free Style.  Be sure to check in over at gfe for the details!

  • Heidi, the Adventurous Gluten Free Mom, posted an epic guide to having the best gluten free Thanksgiving.
  • Wendy, ordinarily of Celiacs in the House, posted a Guide for Enjoying a Safe Gluten Free Holiday Season over at Diets in Review.
  • Kim at Gluten Free Is Life posted Holidays and How to Survive Part 1 and Part 2
  • My other Kim at Cook IT Allergy Free wrote a massive Thanksgiving Prep Series.  Seriously folks, this is the mother lode.  Shopping lists, recipes, the whole 9.  9 yards, that is.

That’s it for now!  Go forth and be healthy, happy, and as wise as you need to be, but cut loose from time to time.

8 comments on “Gluten Free for the Holidays

  1. Kim-Cook It Allergy Free

    Holy moly! This is one great round-up! People are going to be having some awesome gluten free feasts this holiday!! Thanks so much for including me in these fabulous line-up with some of my favorite people!

  2. Oh, Erin, you make me laugh so much and I appreciate you so! Now while I’m preparing the Thanksgiving meal for my family, any time I stress, I’m going to see this kitty and think “I’ve got the power!” That and John Cleese visuals and audibles (in my head, of course!) should keep me going! LOL Hey, did I ever tell you that I was in a movie with Michael Palin. That’s one degree of separation from John Cleese, right? 😉

    Thanks so much for the link love, dear. I just adore how all you “gung ho” gals are getting the word out about the amazing holiday event that I’m hosting (with the help of dears like you) before I have! Soon … soon.

    This is a great Thanksgiving/holiday post! 🙂


    • So glad you appreciate my humor, Shirley 🙂 Sometimes I question myself, then I say-wait-it’s MY blog, I can say what I want 😉

      I had no idea you were a movie star!

      I’m so looking forward to the Gluten Free Holiday, I know it’s going to be incredible!

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