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Gluten Free and Dairy Free Protein Powder 101: Sports Nutrition for Celiacs


I’ve heard this question several (OK, many) times in the past year.

What gluten and dairy free protein supplement do you recommend?

And quite honestly, I was flummoxed.

Although I have celiac disease, I have not had to contend with dairy sensitivity. I have always used whey or casein proteins, which are milk-based. Whey protein isolate has had the lactose removed, and so many with a lactose intolerance can tolerate a straight whey isolate. However, some with a dairy sensitivity cannot tolerate even a whey isolate.

"Just Say No" if you're dairy intolerant

“Just Say No” if you’re dairy intolerant

I am the first to tell you when there is something I am unfamiliar with. In these cases, I usually run around in a fairly obsessive state of learning until I have found an answer. My friends, I am here to share my new found knowledge of the dairy and gluten free protein powder world.

There are 5 basic types of gluten and dairy free protein powders. (This is what I am aware of as being fairly common and easy to find. I believe there may be more (spirulina?), so if you know of some please share in the comments!

The five I will be addressing here are egg white protein, gemma (pea) protein, rice protein, soy protein, and hemp protein.

Egg White Protein

Egg white protein is created by seperating the yolk and converting the white to powder. It tends to be a bit high when it comes to creating sulfur with digestion. (The polite way of saying it can give you WAY smelly gas.) Upon mixing it is a thinner consistency. In my opinion best when mixed with other types of protein, for both the taste, texture, and certainly for the gas factor.

Gemma (Pea) Protein

This is fairly new to the scene, becoming more popular when whey protein prices went up a couple years back. It is, just as it sounds, derived from peas, making it a vegan-friendly option. Gemma mixes into a thick consistency and has a slightly nutty flavor. The Gemma that I have tested is also non-GMO. Gemma can be used on its own or mixed with another type of protein such as…..

Rice Protein

Also a vegan friendly option. The rice protein I tested is also non GMO and derived from brown rice. Rice protein mixes
to a thinner consistency and has a gritty texture, but a “cleaner” flavor.

Soy Protein

Soy protein is derived from defatted soybean flakes. There has been much media controversy and conflicting research about the use of soy supplements in the diet, as well as the GMO situation (GMO=genetically modified organism.) That discussion could fill several books, and is far too much for the scope of this article, but be aware that it exists. You can find research and articles to back up both sides of the story, from the “soy is evil!” camp to the “soy is the best food ever!” camp. Make an educated and independent decision, whatever your decision may be. It is a vegan friendly option.

Hemp Protein

Despite some individuals wishing otherwise, this hemp does not make you high. Sorry, folks, it would be a lot more expensive if it did. Hemp protein does have a couple of unique characteristics though. Hemp protein contains essential fatty acids and fiber! In a 30 gram serving you would get 4 grams of fiber and 6 grams of fat along with your 15 grams of protein. The others contain a bit more protein per serving, averaging 24-25 grams, and little to no fat and fiber. I have not tasted hemp yet. (And I know some of you have, so pipe up in the comments!) Hemp is a vegan friendly option.

As always, check your labels and with the manufacturer if needed to verify gluten free status. I have used rice and gemma from True Protein, and I will be posting my review next week. Stay tuned!

Check out the Gluten Free and Fit 101 page if you’re looking for a place to start here in the gluten free and fit community.

Have you used a gluten free and dairy free protein powder? What did you use and what did you think? Let me know in the comments!



95 comments on “Gluten Free and Dairy Free Protein Powder 101: Sports Nutrition for Celiacs

  1. Sorry about calling out one brand, but GNC is really great when it comes to different sensitivities. A lot of their products are gluten free and dairy free, and if they are it is clearly stated under the ingredients. I really like their Soy Protein 95. As always, check the label, but they have a lot to choose from. 🙂

    • Hi Kate!
      No worries on giving brand names, we’re here to share. My issue with GNC has always been that their prices are higher than online merchants. As you mentioned though, labels can be very helpful, so that’s a positive for them.

  2. Jon Fernandes

    Gemma Protein ftw! I am waiting for the day a hemp isolate will be made without the fiber and fat. That would be really cool. =]

    • Hi Jon!
      Well, for now you can just use the hemp for a longer-digesting protein or more of a meal replacement idea. Have you tried the hemp protein?

  3. Jon Fernandes

    Yes, i have had hemp before. just recently i had some lying around and was mixing it with gluten-free oats. its a little pricey for me right now so I’m sticking with gemma and whole foods.

  4. AmandaonMaui

    I am trying out Garden of Life Raw Protein right now. The price is really good for the number of servings you get (I happened to get mine on sale, so that was even better! Seven dollars off!).

    The problem is that there is a distinct flavor (earthiness, nuttiness) and it’s grittier than the Plant Fusion. I’m kind of getting used to it though, and I love how many different kinds of sprouts they use in the blend.

    It’s the Raw Protein, the Raw Meal contains oat grass, wheat grass, and barley grass juice. They don’t list the Raw Meal as gluten free.

    • Hi Amanda,
      I’d be my guess that the brown rice protein is what is making it gritty, and maybe the buckwheat that is giving the nuttiness.
      Cool stuff and good to know about another option!

  5. Hi all,

    Does anyone know of any diary/lactose free protein bars?? I can tolerate Whey Isolate, but not Whey Concentrate – when I was having the protain bars widely available I nearly reached the moon.

    If dairy free protein powder is all there is so be it but protein bars are not so filling, if anyone knows of a brand they can tell me what’d be awesome!



  6. Hi Matt,
    As far as a commercial bar, look into Quest Bars. They use whey protein isolate. Or, consider making your own bars 🙂 It’s easy, I promise.

  7. Hi Erin,

    Thanks so much for your reply! I’ve been looking into making my own protein bars, but I’ve also checked out the Quest bars which look promising but then I noticed each bar has around 12-15g of fiber per bar. Is it okay to eat that much fiber in one serving?

    I have around 30g of fiber a day so no problems there and I’ve no problem substituting but will having 12 or 15 g of fiber in one serving… Cause any emergencies?


  8. Hi, I am curious if any of you can give me a recommendation of protein powder for my kids. I have a 4 year old and an 18 month old. My baby was just diagnosed with asthma, but they are both very sickly in general. I am planning to put us all on an allergen free diet (no eggs dairy soy gluten) and see if that will help. I just need protein source for their morning smoothies. Any recommendations are much appreciated!

  9. @ Matt-Good question! I generally have a fairly high fiber diet ordinarily because I eat a metric ton of vegetables. If your fiber intake is habitually low, you may want to start with half a Quest bar a day and see how you do. (Although your fiber intake looks good to me) There’s no problems with eating a whole bar, but it is definitely an individual tolerance. The only way to know is to give it a try! (I hear they have a chocolate flavor coming out soon!) Also, Zing bars are good and also made with whey isolate. I reviewed them here, and since they have also added new flavors .

    @ Shannon- I would recommend looking into a rice protein if you are thinking of a protein powder. Here’s one:
    I have also heard good things about Nutrabiotic rice protein, although I have not personally tried it. Good luck!

  10. I am new to this and need some help…. It was stated on your website that Labrada PRO V60 had no Glutamine in it. The label on the side states that it contains Glutamate. Is this the same thing. I have noticed that a lot of items contain some sort of Glut… in it. Which is the bad stuff? Thank you in advance.

  11. Hi Michael,
    Here’s some info on glutamate, which is an amino acid.
    It is also found in MSG, which can often be a problem for those with celiac disease. It is not gluten, but can act in a similar manner. The glutamine you have to watch for most often in sports supplements is glutamine peptides which can be sourced from wheat. So, I encourage you to contact Labrada. Formulations change often, and you always have to double check if there is any question at all.

  12. FWIW. If you are gluten reactive, you may also be hemp reactive. I knew the very first time I used the hemp protein. For some it may be more subtle, and others clearly will have no problem. I wasn’t surprised when my cross-reactors blood test came back postive for hemp. The testing is fairly new, I understand, and can be ordered by your doc through Cyrex Labs. (I had an Array 4, I believe.)

  13. Great info, and thank you for the reminder about hemp. The cross-reactivity tests are still fairly new, but excellent to know about. Glad you are so observant!

  14. I can’t have soy, hemp, dairy, or wheat. I’m very active and race in triathlons so I know getting that extra protein is important but finding a protein powder is tough!! I have to admit that hemp protein is not very tasty 🙁 Hope to find something better!!

    • Hey Jenn,
      How about egg white protein powder? I have heard good things about the MRM brand, but have not yet tried it. I did try the Healthy N Fit brand and was not crazy about it. Let us know how it is!

    • Hi Abby,
      Price is largely dependent on where you purchase. As long as it’s a high quality product, definitely search online for the best price. You want to be careful though, as sometimes overall less expensive products may also be lower quality. It’s truly a case of buyer beware and research a company before you purchase. True Protein is fairly inexpensive and has good products though, so check them out and see what you think.

  15. I need to stay away from dairy, gluten, wheat, nuts, oats, and eggs. It totally sucks but its for the wealth of my skin. I workout a lot and use the jarows brown rice protein mixed with vanilla almond milk so it taste better. I really wish someone could come up with a delicious frosty non everything im allergic to high protein mix 🙂

    • LOL Tanya! If you find the delicious frosty, please let us know! It sounds like you are on the right track with the brown rice protein and almond milk combo though.

  16. Hey I don’t know much about this but a friend gave me a bag of Usana French Vanilla protein mix. Its really good protein is 15 grams a serving and 240 calories . You can mix any kind of fresh or frozen fruit with it and make your smoothie. But, just went to buy some and its very pricey. What’s the best GF high protein mix you like? I have fibromyalgia also and this has really helped my fatigue and pain.

  17. I’m not sure how readily available this is in the USA but Vega by Sequel is gulten, dairy, soy free. My son has high functioning autism and is on a gluten free, casein free, almond and egg free diet. He loves the Vega line of protein mixes.

  18. First I tried Rainbow Light Vanilla Protein energizer, 15 gram rice protein, the taste is OK. then I tried Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Dk Chocolate and it tastes good with another proten powder, but gritty by itself. Now useHerbalife Health Meal and it taste great with the Choc Hemp Protein and no after taste. All of these are GF, DF.

  19. Ive heard of a few products saying they are lactose and dairy free yet they are made with using whey protein.

    i understand that it can be lactose free but is there some way that it is possible to be dairy free as well ?

    im referring to magnum Nutraceuticals (quattro). it says right on there product details on their site.

    do you know something i dont ??

    • Sterling,
      Rusulka is absolutely right that it is misleading to label it as dairy free, but in the instance of the product you posted it’s also downright wrong. The ingredients clearly state that milk protein isolate and casein protein are used in the product. There’s nothing even remotely “dairy free” about that.

      Now, I have posted in the past on my review of NeoCell’s Collagen Sport Whey Protein Isolate:
      “The interesting thing about whey protein isolate (WARNING!! SPECULATION, EDUCATED GUESSING, AND THEORECTICAL WANKING AHEAD!! This is my opinion only, and you should consult your doctor and registered dietitian about your own personal needs.) is that the lactose has been removed, so theoretically those with lactose intolerance *should* be able to tolerate it, and there is no casein protein, so theoretically those with casein sensitivity *should* be able to tolerate it, so MAYBE dairy intolerant folks would be able to use a pure, high quality protein isolate.”

      So, a very pure whey protein isolate may be tolerated by those who need to avoid dairy, but I’m not betting the farm on it by a long shot. Hope that helps!

  20. Sterling,

    It’s misleading for them to claim dairy-free, and then include both whey and casein in their formula. My guess is it will turn out to be a “typo.” If you are only reactive to lactose, it’s likely clean – but you’d want to double check about how they isolate. If you react to the protein (casein) or the fat in dairy, it’s not a good option, I’d say. Also, the fact that they use sucralose as a sweetener kicks it right out of the camp. Sucralose is generic for Splenda, which is an organochlorine. (If that term isn’t familiar, it’s the chemical family used to kill termites, and used in Agent Orange and other herbicides.) Sucralose is an excitotoxin to the brain. (This is a bad thing – I work with brains everyday.) Nice, concise source of the FDA studies etc is a book called Sweet Deception. Best of luck finding your protein. My best shot has been pea protein, also called gema. VitaCost brand is pretty decent.

    • Rusulka,

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing your insight 🙂 Sucralose is tough to avoid in many sports supplements. Fortunately some are switching to stevia as a sweetener. I’d love to hear if you have any thoughts on stevia, as far as it relates to brain chemistry?

  21. Hi Erin,

    I’ve never found any detrimental info on stevia. It’s been used in Japan for over 700 years, and even longer by indigious peoples of South America. It’s the natural competitor that just won’t go away, so Corporate has co-opted it, split out the steviosoids from the rebaudiosides (so they could patent it and charge more) – hence the new market products of Truvia, etc. The doctored results try to say that steviosoids are potentially risky. But it is shown again and again that natural substances often become problematic only when isolated from their complementary compounds. (Like eggs were “bad” when they just tested the yolks, and years later discovered that the whites contain the complementary elements to diffuse cholestrol as a problem.)It’s great to find more stevia-sweetened foods/supplements available. No opinion yet about the Truvia and similar.

    As far as brain stuff, the only thing I’m aware of is that like many sweets, overexposure will cause a reduction in sensitivity, thus creating a need for things to be sweeter and sweeter.

    • Perfect, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Totally agreed on overexposure to sweets-best bet is always to minimize all sweeteners, regardless of origin.

  22. I have just discovered egg white protein supplements because my current diet requires a breakfast of 30 to 40 grams of protein and under 10 grams of carbs. I can’t have gluten or dairy (especially dairy!!!!) and my usual drink (Fruiteen) has too many carbs. I got the JayRobb brand and think it’s worth checking out. It’s sweetened with stevia and there are no artificial additives. It has 24 grams of protein per serving and only 4 g carbs. Tastes pretty good too!!

    • Thanks Rebecca! I’ve tried a few egg white protein powders that have been , well, not so tasty so I’m glad to hear the Jay Robb is a good option!

  23. Beth Martin deSousa

    I love the Arbonne International protein powder. They are vegan and gluten free. The proteins are Rice Bran, Pea, and cranberries. You can make protein bars from it also. I began drinking them and using other products of the company, then went on to become a consultant. I am not trying to sell here, but to make the point that I liked them so much that I felt compelled to share. When you can make money sharing something, then it is just icing on the cake.

    Find me by name on Facebook if you want more info, like actual ingredient list, etc.

  24. Hi Beth,
    I love the Arbonne Protein powder as well. The only thing I dont like is by the time you pay for shipping it gets quite pricey.

  25. I’ve tried the Usana and Arbonne and both did weird stuff to my stomach. I think they still contain milk and wheat. I love both though the taste so so good but it didn’t agree with me. Its been two years since i’ve tried the Arbonne so maybe something changed.

  26. Trader Joe’s has a good hemp protein product. It’s a bit gritty, like a fiber supplement, so I usually add a half a scoop to a smoothie combined with another protein powder, like Alive! pea protein.

  27. Mary Lopez

    Ive been looking for a dairy free gluten free soy free whey free protine shake and i founf this: UNI KEY’s Fat Flush Body Protein. I have not tried yet. I was wondering if anyone else has tried it? What’s your input on it? I was taking Ultra Meal 360 but it contains soy so therefore It upsets my stomach. Any info would help thanks

    • Hi Mary,

      I’m not familiar with that brand specifically. I looked it up and the ingredients look good, they use brown rice and pea (gemma) protein. It’s a little pricey, but it sounds like it’s good quality. If you try it please let us know what you think!

      PlantFusion is another brand you may want to check in to that meets your requirements. Good luck!

  28. I’ve tried UNI KEY’s Fat Flush Body Protein, but really hated the aftertaste and it didn’t blend up well.

    I use the Arbonne protein shake mix. It’s certified vegan, gluten free. It has 20 g of protein and 170 calories. It causes me absolutely no GI distress.

    Full disclosure: I became an Arbonne consultant to get the 35% discount on the nutrition products. They are great, but a bit pricey if you pay full retail.

    • Thanks Carolyn! There are so many types of protein it really helps to have everyone give their opinion. Thanks also about the info on the Arbonne shake. 🙂

  29. I have hemp protein, Manitoba Harvest Certified Organic Hemp Protein. It is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, and non-GMO. It is pretty gritty and you can see the green/brown flakes in the smoothie. I have only ever tried it in a smoothie, I’m too scared to just drink it with water haha. It has to be refrigerated =/.

    I have celiac and I am also slightly sensitive to dairy and soy. I have basically just avoided it, but I think I might try whey protein. (dont worry the worst that has happened is my face breaks out, and my doctor says this is fine)

    • Hey Meg! As Amanda said, Plant Fusion is another good non-dairy option. It’s not gritty, so you may like it a bit better than what you have now. I drank the Plant Fusion mixed with just water and it was quite pleasant.

      Good luck!

  30. AmandaonMaui

    Meg, why not try something like Plant Fusion. It’s gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and has some organic ingredients (I don’t know the GMO status). It doesn’t need refrigeration and has had great reviews here on GFF. Don’t damage your body by using whey protein. The external symptom of acne may be a sign of something more devastating.

  31. Yvonne Pulliza

    I was looking for a protein shake just to start the day or instead of one of my meals, but Lifetime Life’s Basics Pant Protein, (pe,Hemp,Rice with Chia Seed) a cimpleate protein rich in omega 3.6.9, Vanilla Flavor it ses it is NON GMO gluten free, does not contein yeast con soy gluten wheat milk edd whey or ant artifician ingredients or preservatives. No hydrolysis used. I am Allergic to Milk and milk/lactose products. Not intolerance but allergic (Chronic spactic cholitis)and gluten intolerance, not sure if Celiac but a possibility. Last night I had a shake and around 15 minutes after, had an allergic reaction, eyes itching, latter upper body itching, but must interesting the fever was almost immediate and I still today (12:40pm) fill feverish.
    Has anyone had this product and any allergic reaction to it? Called the company and they insist that no milk is in the product, I had not felt this bad since I had milk 30+ years ago and was diagnose with the cholities.
    If so or any ideas please let me know, thak you

    • Hi Yvonne,

      I’m sorry but I do not have an answer for you. There *should* not be anything in there for you to react to, but you never know. Have you had chia seed previously?

  32. Hi! I tried the Plant Fusion and got the worst stomache pains and horrible gas! It was the first protein powder I had ever tried, do they all give you gas? I would like to try hemp next, but am concerned that I will just end up throwing more money away…

    • Hi Saretta!
      So sorry that you had that experience! It is possible that increasing your protein intake MAY have caused that, but it seems unlikely. Could it possibly have been anything else you ingested? You definitely want to slowly increase your protein intake gradually, not jam an extra 50 grams in all at once. Before you try another type, I’d try a half scoop mixed with a good bit of water and see how that goes.
      Keep us posted!

  33. For Yvonne,
    Based on my own reactions and sensitivities, I would vote that the hemp in that LIfetime product is what you reacted to, unless you have had hemp in other products and not reacted. I reacted so fast the first (and last) time I had hemp in a protein shake.

  34. Just to point out that hemp is one of the 24 cross reactors with gluten, meaning if you are gluten sensitive, your body MAY misinterpret these other substances as gluten and you will have a reaction. (Others can include tapioca, sorghum, milk chocolate, caffeine, and so on.)

    • Great points! There is still a bit of controversy regarding the cross reactive foods, but it is definitely something to consider. Here’s some more info for those who are interested:

  35. Hi Everyone!
    I am not “allergic” but sensitive to gluten and dairy and I’m also a bodybuilder and personal trainer. I’ve tried so many proteins and landed on VEGA. It is a natural plant based formula developed by a vegan Ironman Triathlete. It is a blend…so if the hemp bothered you there IS hemp in it. The other protein sources in the blend are: yellow pea, brown rice and flax seed. It also has digestive enzymes, Chlorella, Probiotics, Omega 3 and 6, 100% of every vitamin you can think of, 26g protein, 6g fat, 15g fiber, 22carb and 240 contains no animal products, dairy, gluten, soy, sugar, wheat, yeast artificial sweeteners, GMO’s or pesticides. and is sold in Vitamin Shoppe. It is a bit costly but if you consider all of the things also included, well worth the price. The taste is good but a little gritty due to all of the…plants 🙂

    • Thanks Allison! Plant based proteins seem to do quite well with those with food sensitivities (excepting hemp, of course.) You can also “build your own” plant based protein powder at (formerly known and reviewed here on the site as True Protein.) It’s a bit more cost effective. Thanks for sharing, and love your description of the grittiness 😉

  36. I make two protein supplements for myself, one with hemp pro 70 (Manitoba Harvest product) mixed with red star yeast, and ground flax. The second one I make (because I am going through menopause) contains a basic soy protein powder combined with red star yeast, ground chia and powdered beets. I alternate these every few days. I use them to make a smoothie with green tea and a variety of frozen berries every morning. My health has improved a lot in the 3 months I have been doing this.

  37. June 2012: Thanks Erin for your helpful wealth of information! As an added alternative for our gluten-free and fit community, I recommend my latest favorite which I’ve found to be safe, a great value, and convenient. It is free of soy, nut, egg, dairy, sugar, gluten, and also kosher and vegan. It is a protein powder by the name of Perfect Fit Protein, LLC. or Cheers to our healthy and successful journeys ahead!

    • Hi there!
      I just looked over the Perfect Fit Protein, and it is a brown rice protein powder sweetened with stevia. Looks like a good option for sure.

  38. Have just been advised 3 wks ago to go gluten/dairy free. Started out with Manitoba Hemp 70, but switched to PlantFusion due to the very high amounts of arginine in the Hemp, whereas the PF has about 1000mg less. As I’m susceptible to cold sores, I seek to keep my Lysine count higher than the Arginine and the PF helps with that. The PF is also less gritty in my flax/blueberry/coconut milk smoothie. Feeling quite a bit better!

    • Hi Suzanne!
      Glad to hear you are feeling better! Also, that’s an excellent point about the Lysine. Something to keep in mind.

  39. Beth deSousa

    I agree with the positive remarks about Arbonne’s shakes. I am a Consultant, but I mostly buy for myself. I have at least one shake a day which provided 20 grams of protein. The protein source is pea, cranberry and brown rice and I LOVE the chocolate flavor. Sometimes when I want a less intense chocolate I split with a scoop of vanilla. Very rich flavor. I also use the digestive enzymes daily.


  40. Hi, I’m looking for a protein powder and other supplements for my training etc..

    Basically I’m allergic to a numerous amount of foods and ingredients, the main ones being: Yeast, Moulds, Dairy(and everything else produced by a cow,beef etc.) Bananas, oranges, MSG’s, Caffeine, Cabbage, Chocolate. I also maybe intolerant to gluten and I have cut that out of my diet as well to be safe, basically I am Candida plus the other allergies I have named.

    It would be greatly appreciated if anyone knows of anything that I could possibly use that would suit my needs?

    • Hi Chris,

      You may be best suited to try one of the pea protein or vegetable protein blends, like Plant Fusion. Take a look at those, perhaps those will work for you.
      Good luck!

  41. Joanne Carlson

    I am lactose intolerant and I am losing weight.
    I am looking for a weight gain protein drink that I can make a milkshake with lactated milk.
    What Do you suggest?


    • Santo, you are correct, beef protein powder is available. I’ve not tried it myself, nor is it widely available. If you’ve tried it please leave a quick review!

  42. Hi there
    new to the protein shakes and powder. any suggestions for a brand that doesn’t produce gas? i tried a whey protein concentrate/isolate mix and the body does not agree with me! the same reaction as if i consume full dairy products (I’m ok with skim milk though?!)
    looking for one to consume as a snack. any recommendations appreciated.

    • Hey Jackie,

      You may want to try a pure whey isolate, or even a non dairy option like PlantFusion. Whey blends containing concentrate can definitely give you bubbly gut 😉

      Good luck!

  43. Meg, The Manitoba Harvest Certified Organic Hemp Protein is awesome! I put it on everything but I don’t recommend mixing it with water to drink. It is meant to be a protein/fibre supplement added to your meals but I am not certain if it was intended as a protein powder replacement. Hope this helps. I love it and it tastes fabulous, even by itself!

  44. Hi there, not sure if it was mentioned in previous posts, but I use a recovery performance protien by a company called Vega Sport. It is gluten, dairy, and soy free. It has a combo of pea, brown rice, hemp, alfalfa, and sacha inchi protein. I like the vanilla flavour. Have gluten, egg, dairy, and soy intolerances, and this one gives me no trouble.

  45. I have a gluten allergy and the Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Protein is excellent and it has fiber. I usually throw in a heaping spoon into cold almond milk, blend, shake and go. If you want a boost of anti-oxidants add berries. You can start your day with this and good for post- workouts too. Cheers!

  46. I am a 70 yr old woman who just wants to ensure that I am getting adequate protein in my diet so I don’t lose any more muscle strength. I am lactose intolerant, and a borderline diabetic. Is protein powder a viable solution for me? If so, what do you recommend?

  47. Every time I try hemp protein powder I get a stomach ache. I have celiac disease. Whey protein powder doesn’t seem to bother me.

  48. Just tried some hemp powder, once last night and once this morning, both times made me feel VERY sick.. lying down clutching my stomach, big nausea, diarrhea. I guess its nots the magical solution everyone wants it to be. I do have sensitivities to milk, oats, gluten, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

  49. Hemp is one of the top cross-reactors for those with gluten reactivity. Not every one reacts, so listen to your body and don’t press the point if you have bad experience 🙂

  50. I have a host of food allergies that make it difficult to get the protien I require. I am specifically allergic to all grains with the exception of Rice and Corn, most nuts and Soy. I have found a product by Dr. Schultz, It’s the SuperFood Plus, Spirulina is the main ingredient. I use egg whites in my fresh fruit energy drinks. I am not lactose intolerant nor am I allergic but Dairy does cause cognative issues so I stay away from it.

  51. Hi Erin, just happened across your blog here. I am on a mission.
    Over 50 and working out, wanting to take supplements.
    I use to take Myoplex products when I was younger and did not have an issue with dairy.
    As you get older you get sensativities to things. Another words, you get sick. Really sick.
    I cannot have anything but free range organic eggs.
    I can’t eat dairy at all.
    No Nuts- allergic.
    No rice, No gluten. No wheat.
    What are my options?
    I am desperate to add back some protein mixes and they are not making it easy, it’s a jungle out there of info and have no time to research.
    Do you happen to know of any options for me?


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