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Food, Power, Guilt, and Control

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How many times have you or someone around you said “I was bad-I had ice cream” or “I was so good at that party I didn’t eat anything bad.”

Does food have the power to make us “good” or “bad?” Does food have the power to define you?

Food and control

Many, many times I have explained to people that food doesn’t have to inherently control who they are. In my humble opinion, people have given food far too much power-to control their moods, lives and experiences. Food is certainly an integral part of life, and an enjoyable one at that. It has it’s place at celebrations and with family. But by no means does any eating or not eating a given food make you a good or bad person. And really-there’s no “good” or “bad” foods.

With the exception of trans fats, and possibly high fructose corn syrup. It’s tough to find any redeeming qualities for those.

There may be more or less than optimal items to eat at certain times depending on your goals. Absolutely this is true. But to look at foods so black and white as good or bad can be very limiting-and ultimately can wreak havoc with your psyche.

Guilt is associated with food on a regular basis. There are so many emotions tied into food and it’s consumption that I cannot even begin to touch on them here. My point is that you ultimately control your thoughts. Not your food.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you experienced feeling good or bad as a result of what you’ve eaten?

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