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Where to start (or restart) with this thing called fitness


Where to start (or restart) with this thing called fitness

Welcome to the very first Gluten Free Fitness video blog!  (Apparently also known as a vlog, which I learned recently.  I’m a little behind.)

It’s only about 6 minutes, and you really don’t have to watch me, so feel free to listen as you do something else.  (Except you, Melissa, I want to keep you in one piece 😉

Below the video I have links to some of my previous posts that are applicable to today’s “discussion”, so feel free to click and read if you don’t feel like watching the video!  Also, be sure to comment and let me know what you think, do you like/hate the idea of video?

Misconceptions About Getting Fit and Healthy

Exercise and Celiac Disease-Why It’s Important

Supplements for the Athlete-Glutamine Edition

The Tale of the Clear Heels-Goal Setting, Roadblocks and Success

10 Tips for Healing as a Crazy Gluten Free Injured Athlete

FitFluential: Fitness Found This amazing and wonderful group of individuals whom I am so honored and pleased to be a part of!

Happy fitness trails!

Gluten Free for the Holidays


Gluten Free for the Holidays, and we conjugate our own verbs around here – Glutened

How is it almost Thanksgiving?!?  Really?!

I am the chief cook and bottle washer for Thanksgiving, so fortunately I have the POWER!!

(If you are approximately my age, you will get the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe reference.  If not, enjoy the kitteh at least.)

There is a metric ton of great information being shared out there in the gluten free world about staying safe this holiday season, and making some kick ass recipes while you’re at it.

So here’s a quick and dirty low down on some of the info.

There is definitely more out there that I am not hitting, so be sure to click the links at each of these resources for some more great stuff.


You’ll get them at Home for the Holidays, Gluten Free Style.  Be sure to check in over at gfe for the details!

  • Heidi, the Adventurous Gluten Free Mom, posted an epic guide to having the best gluten free Thanksgiving.
  • Wendy, ordinarily of Celiacs in the House, posted a Guide for Enjoying a Safe Gluten Free Holiday Season over at Diets in Review.
  • Kim at Gluten Free Is Life posted Holidays and How to Survive Part 1 and Part 2
  • My other Kim at Cook IT Allergy Free wrote a massive Thanksgiving Prep Series.  Seriously folks, this is the mother lode.  Shopping lists, recipes, the whole 9.  9 yards, that is.

That’s it for now!  Go forth and be healthy, happy, and as wise as you need to be, but cut loose from time to time.

My new Kindle Gluten Free ebooks!

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I’ve finally consolidated my rambling a bit.

Well, a bit.  But it is pretty well consolidated.

Last year, I put together a system called “7 Quick Start Tips for Living a Healthy Gluten Free Fit Life.”  A mouthful, I know, but I wanted to really describe what it was all about.  It’s a ebook (PDF) and audio (mp3) collection of worksheets, quizzes, tips, tricks, ideas, and “not really recipes.” Feedback has been great, but I wanted to make it available to more people.  After I got my Kindle, I fell in love with it.  For real, if you don’t have one, consider it.  There’s a new even less expensive model coming out.  And Christmas is coming.

So, I reformatted things and split it up into 2 manuals, and just made the information (written only, no audios) available for the Kindle.

The 7 Quick Start Tips guide is full of just that-tips for you that are easy to implement and do immediately. It is a quick, easy read.

The Tips for Healthy Gluten Free Cooking guide includes, well, tips for eating and cooking well gluten free, and also “not really recipes” to learn methods of cooking that are quick, easy, and healthy.

If you’d like to show your support for Gluten Free Fitness and grab some great info at the same time, go on over to Amazon and grab your copy!

Oh, and the best part?  They’re only $3.99 each.

I really, really want to get this information to as many people as is electronically and humanly possible.  There are so many who I know feel overwhelmed when faced with a celiac or gluten intolerance diagnosis, and I want to help make it easier to swallow.  (HA!! Really bad pun.)

If you like the information, feel free to write a short review, I’d appreciate it.  If you don’t like it, feel free to shoot me an email:  I’m always open to constructive feedback.

Here are the links:

Meanwhile, for more free information make sure to check out Gluten Free and Fit 101 to get started.