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FitFluential product review: The Chia Co Chia Seeds, found at GNC stores!


My first vlog product review! Going forward, you will be seeing more vlog product reviews.  They give a much better feel for the actual product, I think.  However, I am a newbie to the whole video thing and am still getting the hang of volume, where to put the camera, etc. so bear with me.  They will get better, I promise!  This video is about 6-7 minutes long.  I am trying to keep them fairly short. 🙂

This review is part of my work with my Fitfluential family and our partnership with GNC.  The Chia Co chia seeds can be found at GNC online and also at your local store.  Chia seeds are naturally gluten free (be aware of any cross contamination issues-these are free of any possible contamination from gluten, but are processed in a facility with other nuts and seeds, so be aware of that if you have any sensitivities.)

In the video I talk a bit about the benefits and uses of chia, and also about this product specifically.  Let me know your thoughts, and I’d also love to hear your favorite way to use chia seeds.  Feel free to post a link to a recipe in the comments!


Enjoy your Omega 3 goodness!

Now, these recipes are delicious and healthy, but they all have calories.  Calories count.  Gluten Free and Fit 101 gives you some more information on fitting treats like this into a healthy diet.

What’s your favorite way to eat (or grow 😉 ) chia?

5 comments on “FitFluential product review: The Chia Co Chia Seeds, found at GNC stores!

  1. Hi, thanks for this video. There are companies that offer ground (milled) Chia as well. This is helpful for adding to recipes and smoothies, or mixing with yogurt for easier consumption. RunningFood has a great milled product.

    • Thanks Joanne! I like to grind my own seeds if needed-flax, chia, etc. I tend to buy the seeds whole and use a coffee grinder (clean) to grind the seeds in small batches, keeps them a bit fresher 🙂 Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely look into the Running Food product!

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