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Fall Fitness Tips

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Fall Fitness Tips to Keep You on Target

Do you wish to wear the rose gold dress, slim fit black leather jackets and the pretty muffin tops you have stocked all year to wear during the colorful fall season?  After a sweltering, hot summer, the Fall Season is perhaps the most elegantly colorful time of the year. It’s the time of the year when one can feast his or her eyes, gazing at the peppery, vibrantly shades of autumn leaves strewn around the town. Often, a lot of splendid nature walks are enjoyed during the colorful fiesta of lively yet crispy colors of rusty, orange golden and reddish shades splashed all over the cityscape. Like the delightful colors splashed on an artist’s canvas, nature brushes this season with the heartiest moments of joy, laughter and amusement. It is the time of a million dazzling colors, the time to read books all day long in the peaceful corners of the idyllic countryside, the time to drink hot coffee or tea, day and night, and the time to catch a shower of raining autumn leaves falling sprightly from the skies! The Fall season is loaded with fun and parties and after all the yummy times of sipping exotic Pina coladas, peach teas, sweet cold coffees, ecstatic margaritas and lightly indulging in heavenly tasting ice creams. And who wouldn’t like to look fabulous during the festive joy of the fall time of year?! Its high time one focuses on fitness before the icy winter season knocks in and it’s way too cold outside to work out! Yes, avoid the pizzas, pastas and the chocolates and make your gluten free diet get you through the winter! Hit the gym, sauna, and/or the yoga and wellness centers to make those abs and butt look tighter and well-toned! So, folks… stay motivated and  flaunt that body as you banish all those fat depositing syrupy snacks and look your best from our fall fitness tips.

Let’s have a lasting look at the ways to achieve the best fitness regime during the Fall’s leafy extravaganza!

  • Make the best of everything while the fall season lasts!

Yes, it’s time to utilize the flawless weather conditions of autumn or Fall, as we call it, as its neither too hot nor too cold to reduce weight and tone up the sagging muscles! The Fall season can be the picture-perfect time due to its blend of moderate hot and cold temperatures to drop weight! It’s the best season to attain fitness by indulging in simplest, fat blasting physical exercises such as mountain expeditions, hiking, walking, kayaking, running and cycling. Simply climbing up the hills, going with friends for pleasant nature walks, hiking to hunt and discover hidden treasure buried deep in the heart of the earth are the best examples of the vigorous fitness exercises one can choose to lose a hefty amount of extra, unsightly weight accumulated on the body! You can also relax the mind and soul by simply doing some great hot yoga to get fit and eat only gluten free foods to look fit and fabulous!

Embrace the Gluten Free Foods!

Avoid indulging in scrumptious, guilty pleasures of carbohydrate rich foods and cleanse your diet, making it gluten free! Yes, a gluten free lifestyle paves the way to a longer, healthier life, making one appear younger and attractive even beyond the mid-forties! A healthy eating lifestyle imparts an everlasting youth, no matter what number your age may be. And fall is the best time, as it’s the most energetic time of the year after summer, due to its periods of less hunger, acidity and thirst, unlike the extremities of season experienced during summer and winter! Lesser food cravings obviously mean lesser hunger and eating a gluten free diet simply reduces acidity and thus, the extra pounds of excess weight.

  • Fortify the Immunity Cells

Our immune system is basically the body’s defense mechanism system and while Fall lasts, one can always prepare the body to act stronger for the coming winter spell. The flu dreaded winter season often arrives with a flock of poor immunity diseases such as cold and flu, making the sufferers rush after doctors, flu pills and hot, bubbling soups! So, boost your immune system by exercising energetically during Fall, as its only fitness exercises that strengthen the immune cells to fight cold and flu diseases!

  • Wear that LBD (Little Black Dress) Proudly!

Would you love to have your Warner and Bros. moment of traveling and exploring the cobbled, old streets of Florence and Paris wearing what Audrey Hepburn and Julia Roberts do in Hollywood movies of European countryside sightseeing? Or simply have a breakfast at Tiffany’s wearing the tiny black dress in autumn?! Well, fall time is the best time to do that. To travel and have fun, looking incredibly fit! Have you always envied the friends who skimpily flaunt the tiny black dress and the adorable muffin top while you looked fat like Winnie the Pooh? Well, let go of all the embarrassing moments of despair and no longer allow people to body sham you! It’s a good thing to be proud of what we are and accept our strengths and weaknesses, however, getting fit is simply the best favor one can bestow on oneself as a health concern. As a result, a physically fit person can always concentrate better on life as well as handle peer pressure. And when it comes to attain fitness, the Fall season is the mildest season to spring into all those New Year resolutions of losing weight and looking the best in town! Yes, simply conjure reality from the long-awaited dreams of sporting the perfect, svelte physique, the flattering abs, toned muscles and great, glowing skin by getting fit during the fall period. Explore how well you can diet and focus on attaining a healthy fitness regimen and shed tons of unwanted kilos from your frame. Ladies make your frame tiny and petite like Hollywood divas and gentlemen, its simply the time to bid no to all those fattening snacks during hectic office hours and sport the toned, tightened dashing figure of Hollywood men like Hugh Jackman or a sophisticated MI agent like Tom Cruise wearing the magnificent, slim fit leather jackets and ruling their own game!

Hope you enjoyed reading about the tips and the advantages of getting fit (or staying fit for many of you) during Fall! Hope you have a Gluten Free Fit Fall time! I sure have my fingers crossed for you!

Stop Sabotaging Your Treadmill Routine

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Four ways to stop sabotaging your treadmill routine

Odds are you can check your local Craigslist ads and find at least ten treadmills for sale. A lot of people have grand intentions of using a treadmill at home and becoming healthier without ever having to leave the house. I applaud them! Unfortunately, those Craigslist ads are proof that many people fail to keep themselves motivated and eventually quit. Don’t be one of them! Instead, here are 4 ways you can prevent sabotaging your treadmill routine and use your treadmill properly on a regular basis.

  1. Have a dedicated space: A home office is a specific area in the house to get work done. Treat your treadmill the same way. If space is an issue make sure nothing else gets stacked up on it. The first time dirty clothes or papers are thrown on the treadmill you’ve lost it forever. If space is a serious issue set a run time in your day when there is minimal distraction. If you have to get up at 6AM get up, get on the treadmill, and do the work. If you’re a morning runner you can even make it part of a fasted cardio routine.
  2. Keep the space interesting: You don’t want to face your treadmill toward a blank wall. Find some way to keep yourself going back to this space; put the treadmill in front of a window or a TV. This particular problem has a lot of solutions. Get some headphones for privacy and listen to music matched to your desired heart rate. If you are not in the mood for music there are hundreds of podcasts out there and thousands of audio books available. Listen to something engaging to take your mind away from the treadmill.
  3. Break up your routine: it isn’t interesting to run the same pace, same distance, same time day in and day out. Switch it up with a week or two of distance followed by 2 weeks of interval sprints. Throw in some incline work and you have enough variety to keep yourself interested. Most treadmills now have programs that are preset for inclines, declines, and speeds to mimic a hike or trail run. Instead of running 2 miles, switch it up and run up a mountainside!
  4. Set a Goal! Have a benchmark and work towards it. Research shows that setting goals will improve performance. Humans are made to move towards a target. Keep your goals difficult but achievable. Start simple, running a mile without stopping, regardless of time. Cut it down to an 8 minute mile. If you plan on running a 5k check out the Couch to 5k program, it is a time tested, proven program.

We’ve covered 4 simple tips to keep you using your treadmill. These same tips are universal and apply to any home gym arrangement you have. The problem of motivation is overly complicated. We will simplify this as much as possible. How much do you want it? Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to have full range of motion into your latter years? Take your health seriously. When it comes to getting on the treadmill and running consistently you must have a long term view of your life. Do your 70 year old self a favor and exercise today. Play the long game every day. Motivation is the sugar rush that precedes action. Motivation is nice, motivation feels good, but what do you do when you aren’t motivated? Follow the tips above, break up the routine with something fresh, change up your playlist, create new goals, and get on your treadmill.

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